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There are several ways to find hymns and songs on Singing the Faith Plus. A selection of INDEXES are at the bottom of this page and below are details of how else you can search for Singing the Faith hymns.

Singing the Faith Plus hymns, published on this site and not included in the printed hymn book, can be found on our New Hymns page. We’ve also created a contents list of our online-only hymns using the same contents headings as in the hymn book.

Using the search boxes on the right of the page, you can:

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Search using the calendar for Lectionary suggestions

  • Click on the date you want and this will bring up a page that includes the Lectionary readings for the day (in the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible – Anglicized edition) and suggested hymns for each reading. If you have thoughts of your own for suitable hymns, let us know


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Search for hymns and songs by one or more of the listed categories

  • You can choose from as many categories as you wish from the category lists on the right of the page
  • e.g. If you know you’re going to have a praise band available during Advent, click on Festivals and Seasons and select “Advent”; and click on Hymns in different forms and select “Song with guitar chords”. Now click on search for a list of options to come up. (If a hymn has been set to more than one tune, you will find that it is listed twice.)
  • Remember to click on the Reset button at the bottom of the list before you start a new search

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Search by hymn metre

  • Open the Metrical Index to reveal a complete list of the hymn metres in Singing the Faith. Click on any metre to get a list of all hymns in that metre
  • Why? You may wish to find a tune more familiar to your congregation. Alternatively – you may wish to try a new tune to refresh familiar words


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Search by keyword to find a particular hymn or song

  • The keyword search at the bottom right of the page gives you an alternative way of finding the hymn or article you are after. This search picks up on any word in the hymn listings or articles already on the site
  • e.g. If you know a phrase from the first line of a hymn, type that into the Search by Keyword box and click on Search
  • e.g. You may want to find hymns by (or articles referring to) Graham Maule. Put either of his names in the search box and those hymns/articles will be listed. But if you only put in “Graham” the list will also include hymns by other Grahams, such as Graham Kendrick

We also plan to add a “Scripture Search” for hymns suitable for a particular Bible passage.

Or discover new hymns, not included in Singing the Faith


Alphabetical Index of First Lines and Tunes (amended 19-03-12) PDF (Note - this PDF is indexed with ‘Bookmarks‘. Once the PDF is open in Acrobat Reader, click ‘Bookmarks’ on the left to open the expandable menu.)
Contents List (in numerical order) Excel document
Contents list (in numerical order) PDF

Cross reference Singing the Faith with Hymns & Psalms

Hymns & Psalms, published in 1983

Singing the Faith shares over 300 hymns with its predecessor, Hymns & Psalms.
Here, you can check the numbers in both books of each shared hymn:
as a PDF (by First Line only)
Hymns & Psalms cross reference (by first line) REV. 1-11-11
or as an Excel spreadsheet (by First Line, StF hymn number, or Hymns & Psalms number)
Hymns & Psalms cross reference (by first line) REV 1-11-11

A note on the printed editions of Singing the Faith
You may notice some minor discrepancies between texts or information on this website and the printed copies of Singing the Faith.

Generally, the website will provide the most up-to-date information because we will try to ensure that any errors in Singing the Faith are corrected here as soon as they are spotted; corrections to the printed copies of the books will be dependent on reprints. Here you can see a complete list of corrections prepared for the 2nd and 3rd impressions of Singing the Faith (November 2011 and Jauary 2012 [Words only]). Corrections are also noted in the information about individual hymns on this website.

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