Singing unaccompanied – six tips

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Singing hymns accompanied (for example as responses to prayer) is easier than many people think, and an effective way of enhancing worship, indoors and outdoors.

Here are six ideas to get you started.

  • Stick to short and well-known songs/hymns/liturgical settings
  • Avoid tunes that are too high or need pitching
  • Avoid phrases with long sustained notes or substantial pauses (these can make people unsure when to come in)
  • Be bold enough to just use choruses e.g. All good gifts around us (StF 130) or just verses
  • Be encouraged to use what’s in the Liturgical Settings section (StF 749 – 790) – these aren’t just for more formal services like Communion
  • Don’t forget that you can sing some hymns prayerfully while seated
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