Just as we are (website only)

Just as we are, your servants here,
Sure of your loving presence near,
Offering all our hearts hold dear,
Accepting Lord, we come.

Just as we are, with all our pain,
Deeply-felt wrongs which long remain,
Chances we know won’t come again,
Forgiving Lord, we come.

Just as we are, you made us so,
Plain earthen pots no beauty show,
Yet deep within your treasures glow,
Affirming Lord, we come.

Just as we are, we come to you,
Trusting your promise ever true,
“See, I am making all things new!”
Renewing Lord, we come.

Words: © Gillian Collins

Metre: 888.6.

Suggested tune: “Misericordia” (StF 556: Just as I am)

Bible references: 2 Corinthians 4:7; Revelation 21:5

Categories: 888.6., Collins, Gillian, Commitment/Dedication, Confession, Covenant, Gathering, Hymns only online (submit to stfplus@methodistchurch.org.uk), Misericordia.

One Response to Just as we are (website only)

  1. Andrew Hollins says:

    I’m using this hymn for a Church Anniversary service on the theme of ‘promise’. It will be the hymn immediately before our celebration of Holy Communion.

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