Son of God humiliated (website only)

Verspottung Christi by Mathis Gothart Grunewald (Public domain via Wikimedia Commons)

Son of God humiliated;
Mocked, abused and nailed-up naked;
On his shoulders, sin is weighted;
“Save yourself”, they taunt and jeer.

“King of Jews” – the banner reading;
Jesus hangs, exhausted, bleeding;
Yet for them he’s interceding:
“God, forgive”, his prayer sincere.

Hope of all the World suspended;
Surely not what God intended?
Cries his last words: “it is ended”;
Enters death, the last frontier.

Prince of Life in life-surrender;
Hope of each reformed offender;
Who his love will not remember?*
Christ, the sinners’ friend, was here.

Easter joy is rising yonder,
But let’s stay a while and ponder,
As his love fills us with wonder,
Asks our trust, and calms our fear.

Words: © Andrew T. Murphy 2011

Metre: 88.87.

Tune: Quem Pastores Laudavere (StF 585)

*NOTE: Andrew Murphy offers an alternative to v.4, line 3: “See God’s love in all it’s splendour:”

Categories: 88.87., Germany, Hymns only online (submit to, Murphy, Andrew T, Quem Pastores Laudavere, The Passion and the Cross, Vaughan Williams, Ralph.

One Response to Son of God humiliated (website only)

  1. Margaret Boreham says:

    What a raw and wonderful hymn!

    Sometimes we sanitise the crucifiction. But how can we not sanitise it? It is difficult to think about how horrendous it was. It is good to ‘stay a while’, as the hymn says, before moving on to the glorious resurrection on which is based our faith in the Risen Christ.

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