As if you were not there (StF 724)

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As if you were not there,
the skies ignite and thunder 

Source: Singing the Faith: 724
Words: John L. Bell, Graham Maule
Music: “Ilich” by John L. Bell
Metre: 67.88.9.
Verses: 5

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A short exhange between StF+ users raised a couple of questions about the last two lines of the first verse:

“all beware
as if you were not there.”

Is the word “beware” a misprint, asks Derek Long. Would it help if there was a comma following that word, suggests Ian Howarth.

Graham Maule, the hymn’s co-author, confirms that the words “all beware”, rather than being a command, are descriptive (all are wary), and that the comma is optional. “As if you were not there” is published in Love From Below with a comma after “all beware” but in When Grief is Raw (also a Wild Goose publication) without.

Categories: 67.88.9., Bell, John L. (auth), Bell, John L. (comp), Ilich, Irregular, Maule, Graham, Nature and Mystery of God, Wholeness of Creation.

2 Responses to As if you were not there (StF 724)

  1. Derek Long says:

    Further to Bell’s use of language: this week in a prepared slot on Radio 4 (Thought for Today) he speculated about Government ministers on holiday who might become “reticent to return”. “Reticent” and “reluctant” are different words.

  2. Derek Long says:

    “All are wary”, indeed. I am sure Humpty Dumpty would agree, but I can’t.

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