Earth’s creator, everyday God (StF 45)

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Earth’s creator, everyday God

Source: Singing the Faith: 45
Words: Bernadette Farrell
Music: “Everyday God” by Bernadette Farrell
Metre: Irregular
Verses: 11

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Ideas for use

This is a hymn that lends itself to imaginative sharing between different groups and individuals worshipping together. most simply, the verses and/or lines of this hymn can be alternated between a cantor or soloist and the congregation. This could be done in a number of ways, e.g.

Earth’s creator,
everyday God,
Loving Maker,
O Jesus etc.


Earth’s creator,
everyday God,
Loving Maker,
O Jesus

You may also wish to assign certain verses to specific groups within the congregation, such as children (vv.5&6), men and women (v.9).

Several verses suggest the possibility of accompanying mime or dance (v.8 for instance), and verse 10 could both draw together and challange the different generations within a congregation:

Our beginning, (Young people)
everyday God,
our unfolding, (30s-60s age group)
O Jesus,
our enduring, (Older people)
O Spirit,
journey’s ending, (All together)
come, be with us.

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