O worship the King, all-glorious above (StF 113)

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O worship the King, all-glorious above

Source: Singing the Faith: 113
Words: Robert Grant
Music: “Hanover” by William Croft arr John Wilson
Verses: 6

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One Response to O worship the King, all-glorious above (StF 113)

  1. Michael Dyer says:

    One finds it difficult to understand why the emasculation of the last two lines of this hymn has continued.

    “Thy humbler creation, though feeble their lays,/With true adoration shall lisp to thy praise.”

    Hymns and Psalms replaced “lisp” with “sing”.

    SthF reads: “your ransomed creation, though feeble our praise/ in true adoration our voices we raise”.

    The point of the last two lines was to contrast the sublime efforts of the heavenly choir, the “angels” who “delight to hymn thee above” with that of ourselves: “frail children of dust”, the “humbler creation” with “feeble lays” (inadequately expressed sentiments), who can only “lisp” i.e. sing defectively, imperfectly. I can’t help but feel the punch has been pulled for a lesser purpose.

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