Think of a world without any flowers (StF 92)

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Think of a world without any flowers 

Source: Singing the Faith: 92
Words: Doreen Newport
Music: Graham Clifford Westcott arr Paul Leddington Wright
Metre: Irregular
Verses: 8

Corrections to music:

Tune name is GENESIS
2nd stave, 1st bar – amend “(v.2)” above stave to read “(vv.2&4)”

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Ideas for use

See Hymns to build worship around.

The eight verses are divided into three sections, which reflect upon the world of nature; human experience; and the life of faith. Select verses as appropriate to the theme of your worship.

The words of this hymn also lend themselves to use as spoken prayer. Select one or two verses, with plenty of space between each line to imagine and reflect.

Categories: Creation and Providence, Irregular, Newport, Doreen, Praise and Thanksgiving, Westcott, Graham Clifford, Wholeness of Creation, Wright, Paul Leddington.

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