To thee, O Lord, our hearts we raise (StF 129)

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To thee, O Lord, our hearts we raise 

Source: Singing the Faith: 129
Words: William Dix
Music: “Bishopgarth” by Arthur Sullivan
Metre: 87.87.D. (Iambic)
Verses: 4

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Categories: 87.87.D. (Iambic), Bishopgarth, Dix, William Chatterton, Harvest, Sullivan, Arthur Seymour, Times and Seasons.

3 Responses to To thee, O Lord, our hearts we raise (StF 129)

  1. Ian Warburton says:

    I think they’ve reverted to the harmony used in MHB.

  2. David Roebuck says:

    There is a mistake in the harmony printed for “Bishopgarth” – in the third system, in the first full bar, the crotchet on the third beat of the bass line should be A natural instead of G sharp.

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